More performances and field-recording trips…

There has been a great deal happening since the last post. Firstly, some great performances, most notably at The Silk Mill in Frome with Toby Marks and non other than ‘White Noise’ featuring David Vorhaus but also prior to that in late April, a wonderful intimate and atmospheric evening at Kingskerswell, South Devon in a beautiful church. Both great evenings and huge thanks to all who came along.

Secondly, this summer has also seen Toby and myself, finish our field recording trips to gather sounds for our joint collaborative project. Last month in June, for our third trip, we headed west to North Wales, donned hard hats and disappeared deep underground to record the sounds of a slate mine and it’s associated machinery. Then it was on to the Centre for Alternative Technology for a wonderful encounter with a water powered lift. The final trip was north to Yorkshire and the spectacular Sutton Bank, or more specifically the Yorkshire Gliding Club which sits on the top of it. The weather was kind and we were both lost for a while recording tug planes and the ‘swish’ of gliders coming in to land. With incredible timing we finished our visit with an amazing thunderstorm… I think we have to use those recordings!

During our field recording trips, we’ve met some great people who’ve been very interested in what we were doing and extremely helpful as well but special mentions must go to Jeff at the Deep Mine in Wales, Roger at the YGC at Sutton Bank, all the team on the Bure Valley Steam Railway in Norfolk and the guys who run the ferry across Poole Harbour who just didn’t bat an eyelid at two individuals who were interested in recording chains!