Extreme Chill Festival 2018 – Iceland

What an amazing experience! I was thrilled when Extreme Chill offered me the chance to perform as part of this wonderful festival in Reykjavík in the most exquisite old church, Fríkirkjan beside a beautiful little lake. A stunning venue and some great people to play alongside. A small solo set and then Toby and I performed part of what has become a collaborative album… Motion. The Extreme Chill Festival took in some amazing venues of which there are plenty in Reykjavík. I already mentioned the gorgeous church that both Toby and I played in but there were concert halls, cafés and bars – all great places and absolutely buzzing with life. A favourite was Kaffí Vínyl – what a great place!

Nothing quite prepares you for Iceland. Raw beauty mixed with weather patterns that seem to change the sky every few minutes. It’s also an incredibly friendly place with a real sense of energy and creativity that just gets under your skin. I met some wonderful people from all over the place and not just from Iceland.

We spent four days in Iceland, three in Reykjavík during the festival and then a day spent touring around some of the amazing landscape of Iceland – most notably geysers and waterfalls. Geology in all it’s twisted, powerful glory is never far from you there. Sometimes the vistas presented to you are like the moon! At other times it’s softer and more melancholic. Highlights were finding ourselves walking (rather obviously) between two of the Earth’s plates! It is truly a land of ice and fire!