Andrew Heath + Anne Chris Bakker

The collaboration between Anne Chris Bakker and Andrew Heath is overwhelmingly informed by both an open, minimal landscape and a love of process, allowing the sounds and music to form as you would unfold a map – each section revealing a new and uncharted vista. Texture and lower case, drifting drones, tones and fragile notes create music that hangs in the air – suspended in time and place.

In 2015, an invitation for  Anne Chris to play in the UK’s Resound festival cemented a friendship and mutual admiration of each other’s music. Early the following year, Andrew visited Anne Chris in the north of the Netherlands for a week of inspired improvisation – spending their time gathering field recordings, composing and of course, cycling. A huge volume of work was produced, painstakingly edited over the next few months to produce, Lichtzin. Pause and contemplate, for here are immersive driftscapes and drones which shimmer and pulse with fragile, half-glimpsed melodies.

Lichtzin was originally released through White Paddy Mountain, the personal Japanese label of Chihei Hatakeyama.

“Still …….., marvelous; really spins time into a different kind of fabric!!”

Holding the Temporal

Lichtzin is available to download here