Quiet, intimate, lower-case music that explores sounds from both acoustic and electronic sources, along with field recordings and gathered, ‘found’ sounds.

This is immersive, ambient music. It drifts. It constantly shifts as it charts new topographies, creating and following maps that are full of change. If you listen carefully you’ll often hear quiet, random glitches or shimmering dissonances which fall by happy accident in exactly the right place.

“I like sounds that evolve in a way that I can’t always control, I seek out the random, juxtaposition of tiny noises and then set them against sustained piano notes that drift in and out of phase, or complex modulation paths that produce unpredictable filter blips. I look to create sonic textures and lower case music. A point when music and sound hang in the air, particles and elements in constant agitation around a theme or half-remembered thought.”

My music is represented by Disco Gecko – the label set up by Banco De Gaia. Huge thanks to Toby Marks and to Jasper Edwards for their enthusiasm and interest in my work.

All releases are available to buy here through Bandcamp either as digital albums, CDs or both