Andrew Heath

Intimate piano, treated field recordings and sparse electronics combine to create a sound journey through the cultural landscape of Europe.

My work on Europa started with a wonderful festival, More-ohr-Less, organised by Hans-Joachim Roedelius in Lunz, Austria. Followed by some time spent in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands collaborating with fellow musician, Anne Chris Bakker. These two journeys coupled with other events in Europe and my memories of living in France coalesced into the idea of trying to distill what Europe meant to me in terms of sound and music.

Drawing on recent travels in Europe, Europa portrays the quiet visual, musical and architectural details of a diverse, yet shared continent. Themes of travel and events are explored bringing quiet contemplation of our European identity.

“A MASTERPIECE!!! It’s really a stunning album!!!”

“Europa…is sublime. Absolutely gorgeous work. ”

Gorgeous sounds. Master of field recordings and drifting soundscapes.

The Railcar Attendant
Prussian Blue
Sputnik | little Earth
Larks under Lowland Skies
Europa – After the Noise
The Summer Boys
Still Life with Glass Bowl –
bonus track
An Alignment of Sails –
bonus track 

Europa is available to order as CD or to Download here

Note that the bonus tracks are only available through Bandcamp