The Silent Cartographer

The Silent Cartographer

Andrew Heath

My first release for Disco Gecko, The Silent Cartographer blends piano with shimmering electronics and short, treated field recordings. In this, I’m completely drawn to the process of altering ‘found sounds’ to create immersive textures that constantly shift and change. I was thrilled when the Ambient Music Guide wrote the following…

Ambient Music Guide proclaims this is one of the best ambient music releases of 2014.

Environmental ambience of the highest order; quiet, immersive, panoramic and subtly melodic. It’s the clarity of Heath’s soundscapes that are really striking; the textures are are not fuzzy as if filtered through gauze like, say, Brian Eno’s classic On Land (1982). These sound paintings are crystal clear, a remarkable achievement of uncluttered composition and painstaking sound design. The source sounds are a mix of acoustic and electronic; droning, arcing, glistening synthesisers, tinkling piano figures, location recordings and sprinklings of random sound effects.”

I started working with sounds and field recordings a few years ago after Peter Maynard and I collaborated on the sound installation ‘The Sonority of Objects’. In a way, this is a return to the working methods of my earliest experiments with an old reel-to-reel tape machine and a Sony recording Walkman over thirty years ago. These found sounds are the third element and I balance them against Piano and more electronic parts.

Reviews of The Silent Cartographer

I would recommend this to fans of Krautrock artists such as Klaus Schulze and the ambient compositions of Keith Keniff (Helios/Goldmund) or simply those looking to relax.” – Sun is Shinning Dub ‘n’ Chill

Solace, relaxation, serendipity and timelessness (all tied in a slight abstract framework) are key words coming to mind here.” – Sonic Immersion

Heath has tagged The Silent Cartographer with Harold Budd and Eno, this is accurate, as TSC definitely resembles that pair’s Plateau Of Mirrors or The Pearl, with a similar dependence on peaceful, drifting pianos. The Silent Cartographer is a bit warmer than those records, a bit earthier — it has more presence, most likely thanks to the field recordings… …this is beautiful music.” – Freq

The Silent Cartographer
This Twilight World
Shoreline (found object)
Paper Boat
Still Point
The Poet’s Dream
In Search of Eden – bonus track
Kleine Blume Irgendwo (a homage to Joachim) – bonus track

The Silent Cartographer is available on CD or as a download here

Note that the bonus tracks are only available through Bandcamp