Andrew Heath + Peter Maynard


The first fruit of a collaboration born from recordings that were made between summer 2013 and the following spring at my home in Stroud.

Peter Maynard and I have been developing our musical collaboration after working together on a sound installation ‘The Sonority of Objects’. We began to realise that we were creating music that seemed to show us a new place, an unseen vista we had not taken in before. So we began to explore our map and chart the landscape we found. This collection of pieces – Dust – is a part of that topography.

This collection of pieces are careful edits taken from hours of improvised recordings that Peter and I created. The sound is unmistakably ambient and lower case, but it also has a beautiful harmonious and pastoral quality that sets it perfectly within an English landscape.

Into that Silent Sea


Re-drawing Maps


The Anatomy of Shadows

Silver Jets


 Dust is available to Download here