Field trip to the South Coast

The day after returning from the Netherlands, I gathered my recording gear and set off for Swanage with Toby Marks for a second field recording trip. Many thanks to Toby for organising this and for doing great research into interesting places to visit to gather sounds. Top of the list was the Sandbanks to Studland Chain Ferry. This crosses the entrance to Poole harbour and has been operating since 1926. It uses chains to pull itself along and makes the crossing in roughly four minutes. More importantly to us… it makes a fantastic noise!

Further visits to a couple of great stone quarries had us recording stone cutters and splitters which despite the harsh conditions of a working quarry, sound fantastic in isolation. Huge thanks to the team who run the quarry as they didn’t bat an eyelid when two (obviously mildly eccentric) individuals turned up asking to make sound recordings!

Toby had a huge smile on his face when we found the most delightful steam railway and bang on cue, a stunning engine came along and graced us with all sorts of gorgeous sounds that fell into our recorders!