Return to the Netherlands

At the beginning of April this year, my wife and I spent an inspiring week with our good friends Anne Chris Bakker and Renske Zijlstra at their lovely home in the north of the Netherlands. Chris and I have collaborated together to produce the album ‘Lichtzin’ which was released on the Japanese label, White Paddy Mountain and although this was more of a social visit, we did mange to get a good day’s recording in. We have a second album due out at some point later this year (we hope) and following our latest session together, we have the beginnings of a third release. The picture shows us both in deep contemplation on what we’d just created… blissful. I’m hoping to get back out to the Netherlands for further work with Chris at the end of the year in order to carry on this process.

Of course whilst there we were constantly gathering field recordings. A visit to a huge forested area yielded amazing quite sounds of crunching forest floor and beautiful reverb tails of sound bounced off the trees. A second visit to the amazing island, Schiermonnikoog, gave us church and (being the Netherlands of course… ) bicycle bells!