Motion – A journey of journeys

Motion is an innovative new album by both Toby Marks and myself – although we have collaborated on individual tracks and shows before, this is the first album we have worked on together. This is the culmination of our four field recording trips across the country and is the result of many hours of cataloguing, editing, composing and re-working – re-moulding these raw recordings into this ‘journey of journeys’.

We started making extensive field recordings on trips to the four corners of Britain at the end of 2017 – see previous posts on this page. We went deep into Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Wales, explored Suttle Stone Quarries in Bournemouth, hopped on the Swanage Ferry to Poole Harbour, took to the air with the Yorkshire Gliding Club, floated down the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and rode the Bure Valley Railway in Norfolk. 

At the end of all this we had amassed a staggering hundred odd hours of audio in total, which was then processed and transformed, blending piano, guitars and electronics, to produce a deeply meditative, endlessly unfolding collection. 

Sometimes evoking images of machinery, sometimes of nature, these pieces flow and twist, at all times maintaining a humanity and sense of personal experience at their core. At times intense, sometimes barely even present in the mix, the music enthralls and entices, drawing the listener into a world both seemingly familiar and weirdly unknown – a quite alien, and yet still organic, space, a space which is of this world and yet also our own invention.

The album is now available and was released a few days ago with an amazing official launch performance. We are now full tilt into a series of dates across the country and abroad…