One last trip before the end of the year…

There was just time to squeeze in one last trip to The Netherlands to see my friend and collaborator, Anne Chris Bakker. Ahh to be back in civilisation again… but we had work to do! There was quite a lot of material that we wanted to go over from our work earlier in the year on our last visit in April. This we duly did but more importantly as it turned out, then found time to record lots of new material which was just beautiful and perfectly framed the grey, November weather around us. The main work has been distilled into four long pieces that we continue to work on together – sending files back and forth via the internet. We are nearing completion on this and are beginning to think how this might emerge to the world. That it is utterly beautiful and transcending is of no doubt… watch this space!

A pair of vintage reel to reel machines, ready to record.

We also found time to record in the local church which had a lovely little upright piano. We have quite a few recordings from that day and I’m sure we will use this space again or even the files as a basis for more new work. And of course, we couldn’t resist one last trip to The Waddenzee – cold and windy and with ever-changing skies, the vast expanse of hinterland seemed to link perfectly with the music we had just created.

Our studio companion ‘Minoes’… a guiding hand.