Some little surprises!

In amongst the busy performance schedule of ‘Motion’ I found time to release two new projects over the summer…

The Silence that Remains… is an EP of four pieces that I wrote a while ago for a stunning film called ‘The Echoing Space’. Directed by Grant Wakefield, it talks about artist residences at a wonderful old, ‘National Trust’ property called Leith Hill Place. This beautiful, but rather severe looking house, was none other than the childhood home of Ralph Vaughn Williams (his simple upright Broadwood piano is still there) and also has connections to the Wedgewood family and to Charles Darwin.

Grant had asked me to write some music for his film which of course I was delighted to do… earlier this year I revisited the pieces, made a few small changes and collected them under the title of ‘The Silence that Remains…’ I’m thrilled with how they’ve turned out and they’ve been really well received so I thank all the people who’ve supported me with this. You can download the EP here.

‘Warp & Weft’ is a very different project for me. I was delighted earlier this year when I was asked by the team in charge of the ‘Wool & Water’ arts festival to write a piece of music that was inspired by the historical weaving industry that dominated the landscape around the area in which I live. I decided to use this commission to push myself into exploring new musical areas and set about asking myself how I would respond and interpret to how life in the mills may have been in the 18th century. I was keen to capture some of the dynamism, fast pace and energy of this industry but how to convey this musically. I was always inspired by the fast repetitive string motifs of Philip Glass and those early pioneers of sampling, The Art of Noise. They seemed perfect places to start my compositional journey from. The result – ‘Warp & Weft’ drafts in two wonderful musicians that elevated my humble project to much higher realms. Lydia Kenny (whom I’ve had the delight of working with before on ‘The Still of Evenfall’) added in beautiful soprano saxophone and my great friend and artist, Angie Spencer contributed some gorgeous violin – both set the pastoral, romantic scene.

‘Warp & Weft’ was premiered during the festival at a fantastic concert in The Pavilion. A modern glass building in the garden of The Museum in the Park. The almighty even responded by granting us fantastic weather! ‘Warp & Weft’ is now available as an EP and you can download it here.