Norfolk… and other recordings

At the invitation of Toby Marks, I’ve just spent a few days buried deep in the glorious countryside (and weather!) of Norfolk. Our time was spent making extensive field recordings of all sorts of things – most notably, a delightful, narrow-gauge steam railway! Toby had done his research and found a lovely volunteer run railway line called the Bure Steam Railway. This is now probably the most extensively recorded steam train ever! Various contact mics, my trusty Sony and Tascam recorders and Toby’s really lovely new Sound Devices thing meant that we have a great deal to listen to and catalogue. All the clunks, squeals and chuffs you could possibly want and all in a fantastic setting! We also tried to get the sound of seals and their new-borns… sadly too windy and too far away as well as far too many people. However a little afterwards we found ourselves at this atmospheric wind pump and then deep in a magical wood as dusk settled being approached by a deer and then a hare. We also (through Toby’s contacts) met a lovely chap who lived in the area and who was seriously involved in sound recording… a range of fantastic microphones and of all things, a bat detector! Put this near your alarm system and find a whole new world of sound you didn’t even know was there! A fantastic time and great fun.