‘Soundings’ now available on general release

I’m thrilled to announce that my fourth solo album (and fifth solo release) ‘Soundings’ is now fully available! This has been my ‘work in progress’ since last September and began with the track that now opens the album, ‘Wanderlust’. I was playing with typewriter sounds amongst others and had a mental image of wet, night time streets in Tokyo. During the summer, we’d had a lovely Japanese student to stay whom I’d recorded talking. That was the perfect addition. Two additional tracks, ‘Days In-between’ and ‘A Break in the Clouds’ bought me into contact with two amazing musicians, Bill Howgego and Stéphane Marlot who lifted my music to another level. My continuing collaboration with Chris Bakker has influenced much of ‘Soundings’ and his presence is on ‘Winter on Noorderhaven’ and ‘Happenstance’, a wonderfully loose piece that seems to just trip over itself. I’ve been drawn in by this track and have created a few different versions so maybe this will find a way out in some form in the future… watch this space.