Amazing performance with Toby Marks (Banco de Gaia)

A huge thank you to Toby who presented this opportunity to play in support, as part of the Seventh Wave Electronic Music Festival at the The Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham the other evening. The highlight was a joint improvisation at the end (sadly curtailed a little by the curfew) which was simply sublime – we were well and truly in the zone! Amazing live visuals and a great team of organisers as well – what more could we ask for! Each time I create a live set I learn so much… this time, feedback problems with using my contact mic on the autoharp. I shall be looking into how I can stop this happening in future as I love the sound it creates. However, I was really pleased to pick up a guitar for the first time in absolutely ages for a little noodling over snippets of ‘Winter on Noorderhaven’ from the latest release ‘Soundings’. Huge thanks to all who came along to see us.